In order to achieve greatness in anything you do – from the most mundane to the amazing – you must learn to master your own mind, and realize that the real master driver is your heart. It has nothing to do with the size of your bank account, closet space or contacts list. And it has even less to do with how much or how little you know. Instead, it has to do with the way your thoughts stream through your mind, and make associations. These associations are your memory at work (conscious or unconscious). If your actions are driven by old recordings of your past “failures” you’ll respond in the same old ways, and there would be no reason to believe that anything would turn out differently, because you are strengthening the same old neural pathways.

On the fun, flip side of that, if you learn new things – i.e. heartsparX meditations – (hint hint), you lay down new neural pathways for your thoughts to travel through, and if you act in ways that match your new thoughts, you will strengthen those new improved pathways and will be well on your way to creating the change you desire. How do you create change inside, and allow it to change your outside, while maintaining a state of stability? By developing a strong body and a sound mind. Like what you see? Sign up here for your free updates!

 About Yoli 

Yoli Rich

Yoli Rich

Yoli is the founder of heartsparX.com.

With over 15 years experience as an “agent of change” in the holistic fitness field, Yoli has let inspiration and challenge lead her to many aspects of the industry.

Yoli constantly searched for higher levels of fitness, that surpassed just the physical body, and it lead her to years of study in yoga and on the more subtle energy systems of the body. These energy systems store and distribute our emotional currencies, connect us to every living creature and drive our thoughts, feelings and actions – in essence, our lives.

She began to include vibrational therapies and meditations at the end of her clients’ sessions. This new addition brought desirable results that showed up in her clients’ sessions as well as their lives.

Yoli says, “When we exercise and meditate, we build a strong physical, chemical and emotional foundation for a sound body and mind. When we achieve this new stronger more agile state (physically and mentally), we can handle virtually anything that comes our way, and our rebound capacity is quicker and more powerfully loaded with hope and inspiration.”

A daily meditation practice, and regular exercise helps keep her grounded, even during the most volatile days.

Yoli is currently a student and teacher of yoga.  Still contemplating change? Watch this video.

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  1. Danika Jane says:

    I found you via Derek Halperns blog as I was reading his comments on Ambition. I absolutely adored your quote …

    “Ambition is your heart talking to you, and telling you that you can do better…that your capable of more.
    So, when you hear that ever so slight whisper of a spark of light talking to you. Listen… Because it is always right.”

    Shine bright. Danika. xx

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