Music & Meditation

Steer Your Destiny (Demo)

Heart Meditation


11 comments on “Music & Meditation
  1. William McCuden says:

    TY Yoli.. My first day into this as a beginner. It’s great! Thanks for the 15 minutes of peace.

    Xoxo.. Billy

  2. Janet Padilla says:

    Thanks for taking the time to do this for us and make us feel special

  3. Dominika says:

    It’s magical !!!
    Thank you Yoli, you are amazing 😉

  4. Karen says:


  5. Rose says:

    What a wonderful way to begin the day. Thank you.

  6. Crissy says:

    I did this one tonight with my fiancé . We both really enjoyed it. He had a heart attack 5 years ago, so this was really helpful and enjoyable. We are always looking for healthy ways of life:) Thank you so much for guiding us and inspiring us. Xoxo

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